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The word festival itself brings in joy and happiness in our minds. It makes life a celebration. People are enthusiastic to celebrate each day and festivals make this reality. Festivals bring people together in spite of many differences like caste, creed etc. It’s the time of togetherness. The young and the old enjoy and cherish festivals alike.

It is very important to know of our culture and past. Festivals in one way or the other serve the purpose to teach us about our past and civilization. Festivals are mostly celebrated to propagate the cultural heritage of nation and help to promote patriotic spirit in the society.

Nowadays people are more towards technology and internet but we find that there is no centralised source to know the festivals happening around us. The programs and timings of the events in festivals are very hard to get on your finger tip. So, it is very difficult for the people to manage their time and to be the part of the festival. This makes people, miss their favorite festivals. Techfamous technologies LLP trying to solve this problem in a simple manner by introducing the portal This portal focusing on delivering trusted information related with the festivals celebrated around us. Using this portal people can understand about the festival, it’s relevance, venue, time schedules, programs and how to reach the location to join the festival and celebrate. So, plan your time, celebrate your life.

Techfamous technologies LLP, is a fast growing software development company, which provides solutions in cloud, web, desktop and mobile technologies. This portal is designed in a very simple manner and easy to use by any person. This portal is mobile, tablet and desktop compatible. Supports any browsers like Google chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc. For any queries email us: