Amavasya Day / Amavasai Day


Amavasya / Amavasai is a day on which we won't see the moon on the sky. As per Astronomy, the day on which sun and moon come on a straight line is called Amavasya / Amavasai. On Amavasya / Amavasai day many will perform poojas in their home since it is called as a very auspicious day. Here we will see Amavasya / Amavasai days benefits.

As per Panchangam, Amavasya will happen every month and the Amavasya dates are already calculated in Panchangam. Now we will see what are all the benefits we will get by doing pooja on Amavasya.

Generally, Amavasya and Pournami will come on each month. The major difference between these days is. On Amavasya, there won't be any moon so the whole night will be very dark but on Pournami we will see the full moon.

Even though Amavasya comes on every month, Aadi Amavasya and Thai Amavasya are considered as very powerful Amavasya. As per the Hindu belief, on these days Pitru will accept out Tharpana. So most of the people will give pitru tharpana on these two Amavasya days. If one does not give Tharpana on any Amavasya days and if they gave tharpana on Thai and Aadi Amavasya days then he will get the benefits of whole year Tharpana. At the same time, most of the people will have a holy water bath on these days by going to some holy places to destroy Sin.

Reason for holy water bath on Amavasya: As per Hindu belief, if one does holy river bath on Amavasya day then they will get the complete blessings from their pitru and previous birth sin will get destroyed completely. If we take Tamil Nadu, there are many holy places like Kanyakumari, Rameswaram, Kutralam, Pabanasam, and many others. So people can go there and take a bath on Amavasya days.

There are many belief that we need to give food to our pithru on Amavasya days to get their blessings. But it is not true, We can get their blessings just by thinking about them with a heart full of love and taking holy bath.

Aadi Amavasai 2021 benefits: There is a belief that in Aadi month Devas will get rest. So our pithru will come to earth to bless us. So if we give tharpana in Aadi month then we will definitely get our pithru blessings.

Thai Amavasai 2021 benefits: There is a belief that in Thai Amavasya, our pithru we leave us and once again they will return to lord Indiras place. So we need to properly give a sendoff to our pithru in the devotional manner to get their blessings on Thai Amavasya.

Puratasi Amavasai 2021 benefits: There is a belief that if we offer food to poor people on Puratasi Amavasya. Then we will get the benefits of doing tharpanam and also we will get the blessings of our ancestors.

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