Pournami / Purnima

Pournami Day

Find a comprehensive list of Pournami / Purnima dates on this website. We have accurately calculated these dates as per Hindu Panchang that cover all Purnimas such as Guru Purnima, Sharad Purnima, and Kartik Purnima. Pournami / Purnima date that you find here are applicable for both North India and South India.

Pournami / Purnima Dates or Full Moon Days/Dates (India – Tamilnadu). Pournami also called Purnima/Poornima is the Full Moon day in Hinduism.

Meaning of Pournami / Purnima

As per Monier Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary, Pournami / Purnima means the night or day of full moon. All full moon days are considered important. However, Guru Purnima is given special importance. The first full moon that comes after the summer solstice in the month of Ashadha is known as Guru Purnima. The day is seen as the transition of the first yogi or Adiyogi to the Adi Guru or the first Guru. Hence, the first yogi became the Adi Guru on this sacred day. This sacred day is celebrated when new opportunities opened up for the human race.

For a devotee, this day is like a shield of protection from mother nature. The day is also seen as a great time to receive profound blessings from the god. By receiving blessings on this day, you can transgress another dimension of existence, capability, and possibility.

Pournami / Purnima Fasting or Pournami / Purnima Viratham

Pournami / Purnima fasting on Chaturdashi occurs only when Pournami / Purnima starts during Madhyahna period on previous day. It is believed that if Chaturdashi prevails beyond Madhyahna then it pollutes Pournami / Purnima Tithi and this Chaturdashi day should not be considered for Pournami / Purnima fasting even if Pournami / Purnima prevails during evening. There are no two opinions on this rule.

In North India full moon day is known as Pournami or Purnima. However in South India full moon day is known as Pournami or Pournima and fasting on this day is known as Pournami Viratham. Pournami Viratham is observed from sunrise to till sighting of the moon.

Pournami Fasting days might not be same for two locations. Hence one should set the location before noting down Pournami Viratham dates.

Difference between Amavasai / Amavasya and Pournami / Purnima

  • As per Hindu lunar calendar, Pournami / Purnima is called full moon day while Amavasai / Amavasya is called no moon day or new moon day
  • When the moon is completely exposed to the sun, it is called Pournami / Purnima, and when the earth completely blocks the moon from the sun, it is called Amavasai / Amavasya
  • As we all know that the moon revolves around the earth, and the time taken by the moon to complete one rotation around the earth is called a lunar month. During this period, New moon (Amavasai / Amavasya) and full moon (Pournami / Purnima) occur and are separated by 14.765295 days in between
  • Evil powers and negative forces reign during Amavasai / Amavasya. On the contrary, positive forces and divine energy rule during Pournami / Purnima. Hence, this is the reason, Pournami / Purnima is considered to be highly auspicious in the Hindu tradition.

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