Thiruvonam Day

Thiruvonam – Thiruvonam dates are important days to be considered in Tamil Panchang Calendar. Thiruvonam occur every month in a calendar year, sometime twice the English month.

Thiruvonam Dates in Tamil Panchang Calendar

Thiruvonam is very auspicious day for hindus especially for vaishnav devotees. Thiruvonam is dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu. Thiruvonam is observed every month of hindu lunar calendar. People undergo fasting and worship Lord Vishnu. It is believed that Lord Vishnu is born on the day of Thiruvonam. Lord Uppilliappan married Goddess Bhumadevi on the day of Thiruvonam. So Thiruvonam is very closely related to Lord Vishnu. All vaishnav temples perform special poojai on the day of Thiruvonam.

Though Thiruvonam falls on every month, some Thiruvonam are very significant. The Thiruvonam that falls on the month of march or april is special Thiruvonam. The Thiruvonam that comes in the month of october or november is considered to be very special since Lord Vishnu married Goddess Bhumadevi on this day only. Thiruvonam that comes in the month of august or september is considered to be very special. This day is also called as ‘Onam’. Onam is the main regional festival celebrated in the state of Kerala. According to malayalam calendar, Onam falls on the ‘chingam’ month which is also considered to be the first month in malayalam calendar.

People who have chandra dosha in their horoscope, should worship the God and undrgo fasting on the day of Thiruvonam that comes after amavasai (new moon day). If the person do the rituals as instructed in vedhas and undergo fasting will be set free from chandra dosha. People worship God, do poojas and undergo fasting on this day will be relieved from all his sins, blessed with happy life.

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